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I am Tejassvi…Just an ordinary person who has keen interest to learn our ancient science (Vedic Astrology, Yog shastra, Ayurveda, ,Vaastu shastra and Vibrations ‘of sound by Spiritual Mantras) This thirst to know our History, and Astrology with other roots of shastras is gifted by my grand mother. She introduced me to this Spiritual world in my childhood only. I am helping people to find their purpose of life and fulfil it since past decade. My life is devoted to Lord Shiva. I am writing few upcoming books on Astro-vaastu on different parts of spiritual world, to explain how one can make life better by discovering their purpose of life with the help of Astrology and Spirituality. I have keen interest in ancient Hindu Science and mythology. I Believe that Lord Shiva is helping me to give successful results to my clients by implementing effective remedies from Vedic shastra. Helping people in their respective life is my purpose to come in Astrology. Every first Saturday of the month I am available in Pune and Mumbai Office alternatively for free consultation to all needy, poor people (Prior appointment require). I firmly believe that deep down, we all know what’s best for us. That’s the Power of intuition which comes with practice of meditation.

I received my mystic divine knowledge of Vaastu shastra from my Devine Guru, Vaastu Vidhya Vachaspati Dr. N.H. Sahasrabudhhe. I Dedicated all my success and achievement to Lord Shiva’s feet with all respect and devotion.

I want to pass this divine knowledge of ancient Indian science to common people to get benefited in their own life. Learn to minimize duhkha(suffering) and understand the value of completing karma by finding true purpose of life. I am always eager and happy to hear from you. Please fill out the form below To reach to Cosmic Brreath Or to book a one-on-one consultation.

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