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Every colour has its own characteristics that influence our behavior, emotions and feelings according to science. Colours are basically vibrations of light. When white light hits an object, certain vibrations are emitted and these form different colours. There are 7 natural forms of colours of spectrum which can combine to create secondary shades.

We are introducing the primary colours here:


Red colour is associated with BASE CHAKRA. It symbolizes passion, lust and provides energy, power, and bravery. Use of red colour can energize our inner quality. Red colour can be use to paint south wall of the living room to create life force energy . Avoid use of red colour in bedroom as it signifies anger which creates stress in relationship if used in bedroom. It is the color of energy and strength. in astrology It is the color of Mars and Sun. Red color gives you energy to do the work and removes laziness. A person whose mind becomes unstable quickly they should avoid using red color.



Orange colour is associated with SACRAL CHAKRA. It represents health, good relationship, positive energy, auspiciousness. It can be used for decor and ornaments, also in the kitchen. It gives auspicious energy so use of orange with yellow combination in pooja room gives good results. It will create satvic energy in pooja room.



Yellow colour is associated with PLEXUS CHAKRA. it carries sunlight Aura and signifies patients, wisdom, illumination and prosperity. yellow is ideal colour choice for pooja room, study room and northern wall of the home. It is related to auspicious thing and astrology It is the color of Jupiter. Thoughts become positive and things become stable by using this color. You must have to use this color in study room and worship place in the home. To please Lord Vishnu one should wear yellow color every Thursday. People who eat more non-veg they should avoid using this color.



Green colour is associated with HEART CHAKRA. It symbolizes nature and freshness .due to its quick healing effect most hospitals use green in their environments. This colour gives relaxation and recreate new ideas. use of green colour in consulting offices also gives good business. It relates to good health and astrology It is the color of Mercury. Your memory becomes sharp by using this color. You can use light green shade in your home. You can use this color in bedroom so that sleep disorder can be removed. People who are using their mind and speech in their office they can use this color.



Blue colour is associated with THROAT CHAKRA. This colour is very cool. It represents sky, water, etc.

It is healing colour and signifies truth devotion, inspiration. Use of blue colour in bedroom will gives good result. Due to its reducing ,unstable nature it’s not advisable to use in offices, kitchen or shops. It relates to spirituality and good astrology It is the color of Saturn. It increases intuition and spirituality. You must have to use this color at worship place, guest room and office. avoid using blue in bedroom.



Indigo colour is associated with THE BROW CHAKRA. it creates spiritual qualities due to its deep connection to the inner self . As it gives spiritual qualities it is advisable not to use in bedroom and kitchen.



Voilet colour is associated with CROWN CHAKRA. It presents religious devotion ,spiritualism and improve concentration. It is advisable to use violet in study room, pooja room but not suggested to use in offices and business centers.

Apart from these coloures there are two main colours to discuss here:



White is very pure and elegant colour .It produces bright effect. Use of white colour in north-west bedroom gives good results. : It is the mixture of seven astrologyIt is the color of Moon and Venus. You can use this color everywhere.



Black is very powerful colour but it gives very depressive and negative energy. Thats the reason use of this colour is not advisable in vastushastra but not restricted as well. We can use it with guidance

Color Direction Planet
White East Sun
Blue West Saturn
Green North Mercury
Pink, Coral Red South Mars
Shades of yellow, Cream North-East Jupiter
All shades of Green South-West Rahu
Silver White South-East Venus
White North-West Moon